Bitcoin Breaks 40k – Here’s how you could have played it

General Market Update

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During the past week we’ve been consistent in reminding our members to keep a close eye on Bitcoin key levels, especially around the $40,000 pivot area.

Granted, anyone can draw some lines on a chart, so let’s add a bit more context and think about how you take action based on the analysis.

Today, $200 billion was pumped into the crypto market resulting in Bitcoin eventually smashing past $40k at around 3:00 pm (UTC). As expected altcoins followed Bitcoin’s uptrend.

What Happened with Bitcoin

You don’t need a crystal ball when you have a trigger

Several of the signals we’ve put out recently have gone on to hit their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd targets.

We want to focus on REN and EOS, as these trades were waiting for their 1st target (within the entry zone) before and during the pump.

Here’s how these altcoins performed in relation to Bitcoin’s pump.

Highlights: RENUSDT

Bitcoin breaks 40K - RENUSDT
Bitcoin breaks 40K - RENUSDT Chart


Bitcoin breaks 40K - RENUSDT Playbook

Highlights: EOSUSDT

Bitcoin breaks 40K - EOSUSDT


More Good Stuff

Signals that we’ve put out 3-4 days ago (LUNA, WAVES, PEOPLE) have now gone to hit their target 2 and 3 for +30-40% gains. 

Bitcoin breaks 40K - WAVESUSDT
Bitcoin breaks 40K - PEOPLEUSDT
Bitcoin breaks 40K - LUNAUSDT

As we’ve reiterated multiple times, 40k was a very important resistance zone. When Bitcoin broke past 40k, it transformed altcoins that were either consolidating or dipping, into high probability trades (like our 2 examples above).

Just because we are waiting doesn’t mean to sit back and do nothing. It means you have to formulate a plan, knowing where your triggers are.

Those who have been following our market updates and planning accordingly made easy profits with these trades as well as buying BITCOIN at the range lows above 30k or on the break.

It’s only ever a matter of time before more golden trading opportunities come up. If you don’t want to miss out on such opportunities, you better tape your eyelids open and watch those charts!

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Ready? Let’s do this.

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