The 5 Best Crypto Signals Providers (Are All Trading Signals Scams?)

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Looking for the best crypto signals online?

We’ve got some bad news for you. 99% of signals groups and services are scams – and they’re almost all the same. We know because we’ve tried tons of them.

Don’t worry, there’s still hope. Some providers l are 100% legit,

In this guide, we’ll share the 5 signals providers that we actually trust, plus explain the harsh truths of the crypto signals industry. And we’ll show you in plain detail how ProfitFarmers free crypto trading signals are just born different and why they perform better.

So grab a coffee, close all your other reviews, and let’s take a deep dive into how the crypto signals industry actually works.

Please Read First: Cryptocurrency Trading Signals - The Bad News

We just want to keep it 100% honest with you.

Most signal services are total scams. And you really can’t trust review lists online. Some are reputable and actually test the services they review – but 99.873% don’t.

All the “top 10 best signals” articles on Google are paid for. Those people rarely – if ever – have even tried the providers they recommend. Whoever pays the most goes #1.

A few months ago we had the genius idea to write an article on this topic, so we tried a bunch of the “best crypto trading groups” that we found online.

It did not go well. They’re pretty much all the same.

They have a sham free Telegram group where they share doctored results so they can FOMO you into a “VIP” group full of shotty-at-best signals.

They promised you a YouTube channel full of helpful market analysis? Oh, it’s dead. Their last video was from November…2019.

The refund they guaranteed? You paid in ETH, and there’s no way to trace it. Oops, sorry.

They prey on new, curious traders rife with FOMO. Pretty much everything they send you is absolute s***. When things go wrong, they either blame you or disappear.

We are the first to admit this industry can be shady. It pisses us off.

That’s why when we made ProfitFarmers, we wanted to do things differently.

We know how this looks to you…

“Oh, everyone else is a scam but of course YOU are TOTALLY DIFFERENT”

The thing is, it’s true. And we’re going to prove it to you.

Now for the good news…

Profitfarmers Crypto Signals: How We Are Totally Different

PF Crypto Signals Result

Sorry about all that doom and gloom before. Hope your spirit isn’t totally crushed yet.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

We started ProfitFarmers with two goals:

  1. Make the lives of traders everywhere easier, more stress-free, and more profitable through our semi-automated trading platform
  2. To create a legit, transparent crypto trading service that didn’t mislead customers or scam them out of their money

And all of that starts with our signals.

Is ProfitFarmers different from other signal providers? Hell yeah it is.

And here’s why:

Our Signals Are Born Different (78% Win-Rate)

Ever wonder where those super expensive Telegram signals come from?

Here’s how 99% of signals providers work:

Some indentured servant sits at his laptop staring at charts all day, just hoping to spot a “trade idea” to send down the line to the ringleader. That’s really all most signals are – trade “ideas”.

That’s because they look for situations with the potential to maybe be a good opportunity for a trade in the future.

Essentially, they’re saying “if the price happens to do this in the future, then this could be a good opportunity so let’s keep an eye on it”.

The service provider sends that idea out to Telegram with a fancy chart and some 🔥 emojis and everyone waits around praying the price moves in the right direction. It could be a day, week, month – who knows. By then, the trade will be useless.

That’s why most crypto signals are trash. They’re just ideas made by human beings looking at static price charts, hoping the coins behave the way they want them to. Even if they do happen to work, you’ll need to be at your laptop or phone all day, set price alarms, and god knows what else just to get in on the one halfway decent trade you get per month.

ProfitFarmers is different.

We use AI that constantly scans the market, taking into account dozens of factors simultaneously.

Humans are subject to a few crushing inefficiencies:

  1. They can’t work round the clock
  2. They get emotional
  3. They’re under pressure to deliver, so they see trades where they want to see them just to keep paying customers entertained

We avoid all of that.

Our AI is ruthless.

There are no ifs, buts, or maybes here. We don’t provide trade “ideas”. We hand you high-probability trade plans exactly when the time is right. If a signal pops up, it’s a good opportunity.

So, other providers might say “Bitcoin is at $43,000. If it goes down to $41,000, then maybe make this trade”.

With us, you don’t get a signal until the time is exactly right. We say “Hey, Bitcoin is at $41,000. Trade it for this coin at this entry zone, and here are your 4 take profit targets and suggested stop loss. Do it quickly – the time is perfect for it!”.

The reason for this is that our algorithms are crunching the chart data dynamically, that means we read the situation in the moment it’s happening rather than sharing charts or trade plans that get stale. Support and resistance aren’t truly static so your technical analysis shouldn’t be either!

That’s why our completed signals win 78% of the time.

Speaking of time, because our signals are powered by technology we create signals around the clock. It doesn’t matter which timezone you are in, our system is never sleeping. With ProfitFarmers your next winning trade is just around the corner. We – and you! – aren’t subject to the same glitches of normal human beings like time zones, sleep, and concentration.

Signal Creation - statistic calculated Yearly

Oh yeah, and starting in one month, you’ll get access to dozens of signals per month totally free.


Every crypto signals provider we tested ran the same operation:

Or they promised insane signals, took payment, and gave only a handful of signals over a month. When we tried to contact them, they had no real address, support staff, or even a way to get our money back.

Best Crypto Signal - Meme

We do things differently here.

We break down our signals into granular detail with full transparency. Not only do we provide full monthly and even yearly reports.

You’ll also get key details like:

The total number of signals

  • How many completed their lifecycle
  • How many won, lost, or broke even
  • How we determine if a signal is a winner or loser
  • How many trades reached targets 1, 2, 3, and 4 AND how much gains they made on average at each target

We also include the entry depth (how far down into the entry zone the price actually came) along with our top trades.

Why are you so transparent when others keep customers in the dark?

Great question. Thanks for asking. It’s simple actually:


Imagine you had an amazing tool or service that solved a problem for your market. Wouldn’t you want to tell everyone all about it so they wanted to use it? Would you explain key details and show people how it solved their problems or would you use doublespeak and hide everything (including your face?).

That’s exactly it. Most of these cryptocurrency trading signals providers actually don’t have anything to offer at all. That’s why they hide everything (and only let you pay in crypto!).

Our completed signals win – by reaching at least target 1 – 78% of the time.

Features - We’re Actually a Full Trading Platform

We know we’re biased, but we think we’re the best trading platform for crypto out there.

Instead of some $500/month Telegram group that only gives you signals, we’re a fully functional cryptocurrency trading platform that provides ALL of the following:

  • Crypto signals
  • Copy-trading
  • Auto-trading
  • Stop-loss
  • Advanced trading terminal
  • Laddering mode (our platform automatically ladders you into trades)

We give you all that, plus extra trading features to help you make profit AND make your life easier as a trader. Including:

Relative Strength Index

This is a simple and effective way to find high-probability price action without the need to switch between charts. This shows overbought and oversold assets in real-time without you needing to do much technical analysis at all.

Relative strength index scanner
Price Action Scanner

Price Action Scanner

This tool tracks Fibonacci levels and price trends for you, helping you identify high-potential coin pairs at a glance rather than doing hours of research. Green means it’s trending up. Red means it’s trending down. It’s that simple

Trade Guardian

Now you don’t need to sit behind your computer all day or be at the mercy of the market. Our Trade Guardian will automatically attempt to exit a trade for you when our system marks it as “close early”. So, if the action deviates from the plan, you’re safe. No need to monitor and manually close it on your own.

Now do you see why we think we have the best crypto trading signals and platform?

The 5 Best Crypto Trading Signals - Honorable Mentions

We aren’t the only crypto signals provider out there, so in the interest of fairness, we wanted to share a few of the services out there that are actually trustworthy and have a solid track record.

Check their free Telegram channels first to get a feel for how they operate. Some charge quite a bit just for signals while others are more affordable “entry-level” services. Have a look and see what you think.

1) CoinCodeCap by CoinMonks


$70/month | $840/1-year

Signal type



CoinMonks are one of the biggest names in crypto, and their crypto media operation gets tens of thousands of views daily – if not more.

That’s a great sign that it’s not a scam.

“Gaurav’s” reviews, pod, YouTube, and other social channels are active, and as far as we can tell, CoinCodeCap’s reputation is very solid.

And at $70/month, you really can’t complain. Plus, with Cornix integration, you can automate some annoying trading tasks.


Signal type

Telegram/Proprietary trading indicator


These guys are a legit company providing Forex and crypto signals on their Telegram channels.

We’ve actually e-met them personally and learned quite a bit about their business. Their Telegram support is available 24/7, and every time we’ve asked a question it’s been answered very quickly. Rod is really on top of things.

They’re registered in the UK and are pretty open about who they are and how they do things.

Again, that’s a great sign.

There a few things that put them above competitors:

  1. They’ve got proprietary technical analysis software

Altsignals - image 2

Their AltSignal Indicator scans the Forex and Crypto markets for indicators of optimal buy/sell times. They sell access to it for $2,000 for a lifetime subscription.

  1. They’re transparent about signals 

Altsignals - image 2

It’s a good sign when a company is open about losing months. The market is volatile and bad months happen. Any company that just shows you “WOAH CHECK OUT THESE GAINZ” is probably lying to you.

You can even download detailed reports with win/loss numbers, charts, and other helpful information.

  1. They don’t hide is based in Scotland and registered as a legit UK company. And the owner is available on Telegram. Their support is also fairly reliable in our experience.

  1. Highly Accurate Spot and Future Signals

The team behind AltSignals are real pros in the crypto space. They’ve got a great reputation for creating highly accurate futures signals, giving you one of the best solutions to gain access to leverage.

In case you aren’t aware, leverage is using borrowed capital to amplify your buying/selling power. With AltSignals, you can easily short/long different digital assets with 80% accuracy signals (so claims the company).

NOTE: We DO NOT recommend cross leverage trades to new traders. You need to learn risk management and have a good idea of what the hell you’re doing before amplifying your trading power. You could lose everything VERY quickly if you mess up

3) Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders

$99/monthly | $999/1-year

Signal type



Verified Crypto Traders (VCT) is a signals service that provides a few advantages for members.

For one, they offer a unique trading strategy. Their team sends round-the-clock “small trades”, low-risk trades that help add more stability in the volatile crypto market. It’s ideal for traders who prefer small, steady wins rather than big swings.

Aside from that, VCT also offers webinars, exclusive training videos, and solid market analysis in their subscription price.

In a space full of scams, they are definitely a legit provider with solid signals and a good reputation.

Our favorite thing about them is that they actually provide detailed breakdowns of their signals and how many won/lost. That type of transparency is very rare.



Starting from 35GBP (~$50)

Signal type

VIP Telegram Group

Cons has been in the game for quite a while, and that’s an at least decent sign that they’re doing something right.

The free Telegram group wasn’t super impressive, but they do promise 3 “VIP” signals per week, and the monthly subscription to VIP is only 35 GBP.

There were a few promising signs we found during our research:

  • They update their YouTube: This is one of the only signals companies we saw that actually uploaded analysis videos weekly. Some were actually decent too.
  • They list their number and address: Sad, but this is actually one step beyond what most companies do. Good job,
  • They have an affiliate deal with eToro: eToro is a huge name in the trading industry. We doubt they’d have a deal with a complete scam service. We didn’t see anyone else with this, so it’s a good sign they’re at least real.

5) Learn2Trade


Starting from 35 GBP (~$50) monthly

Signal type



Learn2Trade is a very solid educational resource and trading training center with a solid reputation and a lot of free stuff to offer.

New traders can learn a lot about Forex and Crypto trading, plus learn how to use signals and analyze the market for themselves.

They’re registered in Malta, and have a massive library of news, analysis, and training materials for beginners.

The Telegram signals are fairly average, and the free channel is pretty much all market updates, but it’s not as spammy as others. If you want to learn about signals and trading, this is a great spot. The signals themselves – not so much.

Complete Guide to Crypto Signals

What Are Crypto Signals And Why is Everyone Crazy About Them?

Crypto signals are suggested trade plans that show you potentially profitable trading opportunities. They’re basically a trading cheat code.

Instead of needing to understand the market, doing technical analysis on charts, and monitoring price action, expert traders hand you all the necessary information. You just execute the trade based on their recommendations.

Trading signals usually include:

  • A trading pair (EX: BTC/USDT)
  • Entry zone (a range to purchase the coin in)
  • Take-profit targets (a price at which to sell your coin resulting in profits)
  • Stop-loss (a price at which you should exit the trade)

Think of it like getting all the answers to the test from the smartest kid in class. He sits at home reading the study guides while you go have fun. The next day, he hands you what he thinks the answers are. You just fill in the questions according to his cheat sheet.

The reason trading signals are so popular is that they allow anyone – even complete beginners – to make high-probability trades without doing any technical analysis or market research.

How to Get Cryptocurrency Trading Signals

This is actually the easy part. Signals are pretty much everywhere these days.

You really only have 3 options.

1) Join ProfitFarmers

(Image of the ProfitFarmers Dashboard where you can find hundreds of the best crypto signals every month)

We aren’t just some spammy Telegram group. Our signals pop up on your dashboard within our fully functional trading platform at the exact optimal time. Instead of just getting some trade ideas and basic information, we hand you a fully-ready trade plan including entry zone, targets, stop loss, and trading pair plus the ability to execute it nearly automatically right inside the dash.

Here’s how to join:

Step 1) Go to and Sign Up

SIGN-UP Profitfarmers

Step 2) Check out our pre-flight checklist

preflight checklist screenshot

We just want you to understand a few key things before we take off. Please be aware that you must have a account (NOT

Step 3) Create Your Account

Signup GIF

We just need a bit of information from you.

Step 4) Connect Your Account

Connecting PF to Binance GIF

You must connect your Binance account to ProfitFarmers. It’s actually really easy. It only takes a few minutes.

Step 5) Start Trading

2) Join free Telegram groups

There are tons of free trading groups. Most are spammy, but there are a few solid ones (like our free Telegram channel!).

ProfitFarmers free channel has some awesome signals and analysis, but the other services we’ve recommended have free groups too.

3) Pay for “VIP” groups

Like we said before, pretty much every service provider has a VIP group where you pay for the best signals. Just be very, very careful.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Signals

Cryptocurrency is still the Wild Wild West. Very few services are legally registered, and even fewer actually deliver on what they promise.

And out here, there’s no sheriff to go knocking on doors getting your money back.

So you need to be extremely cautious when choosing a signal provider. Do your research based on these criteria:

  • Win-Rate (WITH PROOF): It’s all about the money. If a signal makes money we don’t care where it comes from or how it got in our hands. Just be aware that most companies only show you the absolute best case scenario and hide the truth. Look for proof in the form of videos or downloadable reports. By the way, our completed signals won at an astonishing 78% last year!

  • Free vs. Paid: This goes without saying, but paid signals will almost always be better than free ones. The biggest issue here is that free groups are usually 5% signals and 95% “upgrade now” spam and other bogus promos.

  • Strategy: Check to see how your crypto signals provider produces their signals. If they don’t provide any details, run away. You want a company that uses AI-generated trade plans vetted by human teams.

  • Reputation: Check everywhere! Not just Google or their website. A lot of that could be fake, and most reviews are paid for. Check TrustPilot, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and even Quora if you have to. If the company claims to provide up-to-date analysis but doesn’t maintain their channel, group, blog, or even have a presence on TrustPilot, you’ve found a scam.

Verdict - Who Has the Best Crypto Signals

In our totally unbiased opinion? ProfitFarmers has the best crypto signals on the market.

We really don’t know how else to say it. Our signals perform better, and we’re 100% open and honest about how we make them and how they perform.

Not only that, we give you free trading tools to help you make gains and make your life way easier.

This isn’t some shady Telegram group. We don’t over-promise anything. And we don’t hide behind veils or fake personas. Check out our website and our videos – it’s all us.

We’re the only platform offering winning signals plus auto trading and free trading tools. And we’ve got the data to prove it.

Don’t believe us? Check out ProfitFarmers today and see for yourself. If you aren’t sure yet, check out our free MoonBag including trading signals, advanced trading tools, and exclusive crypto education 100% FREE.


Yes, crypto trading signals are 100% worth it IF they’re legit. They’re like getting all the answers to the test from the smartest kid in class. You just need a legit provider.

You get into trading signals by either finding a paid or free signals provider. There are plenty of free Telegram or Discord groups, and nearly every provider has VIP paid groups as well. Or you could join ProfitFarmers! Why not, we’ve got the best signals and free trading tools!

It’s really hard to say if free or paid trading groups are better. Lots of paid groups are scams and lots of free groups are just full of spam. Some free Discord groups with pro traders are actually really valuable but they’re usually private. In general, paid will probably be better than free, though.

It’s impossible to say how much you can earn using paid cryptocurrency signals, since that depends on how much capital you have and how much you’re willing to risk. However, if you’re interested in the gains our members achieved in 2021, check out our results page. 78% of our completed signals won in 2021.

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