‘Ask Me Anything’ with ProfitFarmers founder, Matthew Tansley

ProfitFarmers Ask Me Anything with Matthew Tansley

As part of our rocket powered moon landing celebrations, we announced the first ProfitFarmers ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) hosted on our YouTube Channel!

This was your chance to ask Matthew about our different trading features and tools or anything else you like about the ProfitFarmers platform.

But don’t worry if you didn’t make it! Watch the video replay and get answers to questions like:

  • Who is Profitfarmers for?
  • How does it work? (System Features)
  • What is the profit potential? (Signals & Success) 

Dominate the markets with the best tips and tricks on how to use ProfitFarmers. Get your doubts destroyed and see how you can get trading power you have never experienced before! 

Watch the Replay Where Matthew Answers +15 Questions About ProfitFarmers

Here are some of the questions that Matthew answers in the AMA video:

  • What was the turning point for the decision to create a program to help people with gaining profit?
  • How much time is required on a daily basis to make this success?
  • Is ProfitFarmers only for experienced traders or can we all benefit from it?
  • Can I let the program run and reach its goals with just the click of a button?
  • How much gain and ProfitFarmers help me make?
  • On average how many fresh signals are released daily? Is the timing sporadic verses consistent time?

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1. Risk Management guide including links to Position Size Calculator.

2. Why Spot signals vs Futures signals can be treated the same

Stay up to date with any of our Ask Me Anything sessions and get your hands on some FREE trading signals by joining the ProfitFarmers Moon Bag!

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