Crypto is on FIRE: Emergency services are on the way!

ProfitFarmers 999 Day Celebration


This piece is dedicated to all the heroes and heroines of Earth. To those that have fallen, may you forever rest in peace. To those still alive, we thank you for your actions.

Let this also serve as a reminder to everyone in the police and armed forces that your job is not to “do what you are told” or to just “follow orders”.

Never has there been a time in post WW2 history where the power to say ‘no’ has been more important. That responsibility falls on all of our shoulders.

Stay strong people.

Emergency Services Day

Thousands of emergency responders have fallen in the line of duty. We want to take a moment to remember and thank them for their sacrifice and of course put out a rather special offer for everyone reading.

Here are some cool facts about the emergency services:

Depending on where you are in the USA you will be waiting anywhere between 6 minutes and 35 minutes for help to arrive. Think about that before you drink your 9th whisky and coke

Around 140 million people per year need to visit the emergency room in USA

There are around 150,000 police officers 45,000 Fire and Rescue workers and 17,000 ambulance staff in the UK

There are tons of amazing stories showing that we are all capable of looking out for one another, such as the Grenfell Tower fire.

Here are some un-cool facts about US emergency services (many parts of the world suffer from similar issues

This is a complex issue and statistics never tell the full truth. We mean only to shine a light on a topic that is becoming all too close to home for many of us around the world.

Dial 999 and win $30,000!​

Ok back to Crypto Land!

Our 999 signal strategy is truly a crypto trading hero. Check out these vital statistics for 999 signals January 2021 to August 31st 2021:

If you had placed $2000 on each of these trades you would have come away with a net $25,000- $30,000 profit so far this year!

Take a look through some of our favourite trades coming from the 999 family

You know crypto is on fire when this many ‘rare’ 999 signals are being produced each month! Axie Infinity (we covered gaming coins in last month’s results blog) and Solana make a strong showing here with +250% between them, whatever is moving, the ProfitFarmers algorithms are lying in wait to pounce on the opportunity and serve it up to our members.

We even grabbed +40% on the Paris St-Germain shitcoin!

How much profit could you have made if you traded all of these signals?

Doge Winning signals

Doge is clearly now a plaything of the Elites. But as they toy with the meme coin we will be ready to take advantage as usual.

The 999 alarm was sounded 3 times for Doge and we picked up a total of +253% peak gains (not including all our other strategies!)

Stick with ProfitFarmers to have a 24/7 leash on this bad dog.

Dog Sacrifice

We’ve warned you about the Doge Conspiracy. Since that post the price rose 17% before falling back. We are still buying on all dips. The writing is on the wall, pumps will come.

If you want to be ready to take full advantage and unlock your true crypto trading potential then we have some great news. You can now get a full 1 year subscription of ProfitFarmers for just $1499. That’s a saving of $2100 vs paying month to month for those of you that are willing to commit to the future of software backed crypto trading.

For existing members who want to benefit from this, please just get in touch with customer support and they will arrange for your shift to the yearly plan now or at the end of your current package.

9/11 bombing aftermath

9/11 20th anniversary

Thousands of people lost their lives during the 9/11 attacks 20 years ago. Our hearts go out to everyone affected. The ripples of this event continue to echo on for eternity. Various documentaries have told us that something very unusual happened around these events and it is heartbreaking to see families left with so many questions.

Check out the ‘loose change’ documentary if you never investigated the alternative story for 9/11.

400-500 emergency services workers were killed trying to help their fellow humans and countless others were poisoned by toxic asbestos fumes in the air. Infinite respect is due to these people.

This event was used as a catalyst for multiple wars and thousands and thousands of deaths. Take a look at Afghanistan. Who benefited from all of this? A handful of people surely.

Every year desperate, grieving families demand answers from their government and every year they are told that the information is too dangerous, ‘it’s a matter of national security’ of course…

In memory of the fallen we ask, why is it that we all allow this to happen?

12 months of ProfitFarmers only $1499: works out to just $125 per month!

Make this a trading year to remember. Sign up and get the ultimate crypto trading co-pilot, be ready to make money from home and beat the lockdowns!

Look after those around you, until next time.

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