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Invite Friends and Farm Profits Together For Free!

Introducing: The ProfitFarmers Referral Program Get FREE 10-Days of ProfitFarmers Premium (Worth $100!) for every successful referral. Better yet, your referral will also get 10-Days of ProfitFarmers Premium when they

New and improved ui

Beta Features Mode now available!

Hey there ProfitFarmer! We’ve launched a brand new feature called Beta Features Mode! What is Beta Features Mode? Simply put, Beta Features Mode allows you to try out new UI

PF Valentines Day Featured Image

Crypto’s Gone Crazy… And We’re Lovin’ It!

Trades piercing through targets! We’re in love. Madly in love with crypto! Our signals are pumping out some amazing wins: ProfitFarmers’ algorithms picked up what might be our biggest winners


ProfitFarmers Guidelines for US Residents

Hi friend! If you’re a visitor from the United States of America (USA) and want to give ProfitFarmers a shot, this guide is a MUST READ. Why ProfitFarmers chose to

Customer and Tech Support Holiday Schedule

Customer and Tech Support Holiday Schedule

Hey ProfitFarmer! The holidays are just around the corner and we hope that you’ll enjoy it to the fullest. That said, some members of our customer and technical support staff

optimised strategy thumbnail

Optimised Strategy

Hi there ProfitFarmers! We’ve added a new trading strategy into our arsenal: The Optimised strategy. It will be added as another ‘strategy’ on the dropdown menu in the trading form

Futures cop-trading update featured image

Futures Copy-Trading Pre-release Update

Hey there ProfitFarmers! We want to talk about the Future. The Binance Futures Market that is! As you can see on our timeline we are working towards finalising the copy-trade

swing trade update featured image

Swing Trading Update

Hey ProfitFarmers! We recently launched our swing trade ideas to offer all of our members more opportunities and trading styles. For those that missed this, we wanted to publish a

swing trading

Swing Trading

Hey there ProfitFarmers, We have some great news! We are going to begin posting some ‘manual trade’ ideas for all of our members! These will focus on swing trades but

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Kingston Arthur

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Hooman Attaran

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Bernhard Wagner

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Tim Griffith

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