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Refer-a-Friend Special Giveaway Winner!

In our Refer-a-friend Christmas Giveaway, we awarded many new and existing members with free membership extensions and Raffle Entries to the Christmas Giveaway worth $1500! Now, we have randomly drawn

Cyber Monday Zucc

The Best Metaverse Coins to Accumulate now!

FIAT (USD) economics are based on BUBBLES, the bigger the better in fact! Bubbles allow the world controlling elites to print money like crazy behind the smoke screen of a

DOGE Sacrificed burn

Demonic Halloween

Warning, you may encounter some cheese, sarcasm and bad humour ahead. One thing that isn’t a joke…Crypto is BOOMING again (told ya so) and it’s time to take advantage. It’s


China FUD and The mind Control Operation

You’ve all seen the 3 letters ‘FUD’ (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) sprayed all over the internet every time there’s some bad news that people don’t like. But is there more to

Modern Ghost Klaus

The Modern Ghost

Technology and ghosts have a very odd relationship. Tales and rumors of ghosts have always been around for centuries, but it wasn’t until the turn of the 19th century that

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